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January 1998

Dear reader
Don't wait for your husband repairs:Changing the toilet seat
No fee checking

Sometimes simple is simple
Sanity Saver - physical activity
Book review: 365 TV Free Activities you can do with your child
Light my Fire - Take a walk in the evening snow
Cedar Catches
Silent wind chimes
Number one priority
Anniversary ideas
Putting away Christmas lights

A gift giving budget
Sweet & Sour Hot Dogs

February 1998

Dear Reader
Does Powdered Milk have a Place in your kitchen
Family Fun Magazine Review
Birthday Parties for ages 3 & 30
Sanity Saver - Herbal tea

What makes a good mother
Light my fire - see a show
Reducing eggs in a recipe
Vacationing at home
Chicken and Stir Fry Vegetables

March 1998

Dear Reader / money jars / Alternative Planters/ Book review:  Nature Craft for Kids / Sanity Saver - Pray / Cooking with your children / Get a makeover / Spring Clean - up / Spring Clean up also means Spring tune up / no gift suggestions / Do not wait for your husband repairs: unclogging the drain / What did your parents teach you that  you would like to pass on? / Fabric softener / Ham & Sweet Potatoes

April 1998

Taking on a boarder
Dear Reader
Cleaning solutions

Scrap Wreath
Staying Home:  From full -time Professional to full - time Parent
Spring Seeds
Sanity Saver - walk
Don't wait for your husband repairs: popped out nails
Car Care: Checking and Changing your oil
Cute Kid Sayings
Light his fire - talk dirty
Broccoli in Peanut Sauce

May 1998

The Do's & Don't of Couponing
Dear Reader
Book Chain Letter
Experimental Seeds
Light my fire - Touch
What would you do if you had "free time"?
Take stock in what you have
Getting a Garden Ready
Sanity Saver - Destroy something
Car Care: Emergency Pack
Changing a faucet
Kabobs - chicken, shrimp, beef

June 1998

Going to a tag sale / Dear Reader / Book review - www/ organizing using pillowcases / making a kite / sanity saver - shower / replacing a toilet / hang your clothes / Gift Baskets: A great gift for any occasion / Light his Fire - take a picnic / Stir Fried Beef and Vegetables