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July 1998

Dear Reader
The I Hate Math Budget by the Dollar Stretcher
Butterfly Gardening
Book Review:  The Gift of Fear:  Survival Signs that protects us from violence by Gavin DeBecker
Cleaning with WD40
5 quick money saving hints
Sale of the century: Turning trash into cash
Dueling Salads
Light his Fire:  Skinny Dip

September 1998

Dear Reader
Going to the Fair - Cheap! ! !
Light his Fire - first fire
Activity with Children: Ever Growing Wreath
Cute Kid story - The "real" woman behind the desk
Canning Spaghetti Sauce
Saving money - Magazine trade
50 and still Beautiful - A party with a twist
Don't wait for your husband repairs - Winterizing - Caulking
Sanity Saver - call in the troops
Basic macaroni & Cheese

August 1998

Dear Reader
Can't Stop Spending  by the Dollar Stretcher
Color Find Game
Movie Review: Making the Connection by Oprah Winfrey and Bob Greene
Broken doesn't mean unfixable
Stocking Face Christmas Ornaments
End Table
Sanity Saver:  take up a class or hobby
Warming the kids' pool
Frozen Assets
Light his Fire: Silence
Fireside Dinner:  Chicken Pockets, Corn on the cob, Baked Potatoes, S'mores, Banana boats

October 1998

Dear Reader
Curtains Anyone can make
Seeds that are just too easy to pass up
Pet Care:  Dog food tip
Pumpkin Safety
Misinformation:  Gerber rebate
Boo!  Getting Ready for Halloween
Sanity Saver:  Movie night
Don't wait for you husband repairs:  weather-stripping
Car Care - Getting Ready for winter
Light his fire:  Walk in forest
Traditional Stew

November 1998

Dear Reader / Sanity Saver - Just get on the floor and play / Light his fire - Get to him through his stomach / Child activity - phone book / Making gifts / Card organizer by the Creative Homemaker / Book Review :  Miserly Moms / Chicken Dinner & Soup

December 1998

Dear Reader / Simplifying the holidays / Where do you spend the most money? / Book Review:  Simple Abundance: A Daybook of
Comfort and Joy / Light his fire:  Be his present / Sanity Saver: Know when to call a professional / Modge Podge Ideas: Great last minute gifts /  Cookies, Cookies, Cookies / Cookie Party Ideas