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Family Fun Magazine Review

I first ordered Family Fun magazine as a Christmas gift for my cousins and their families.  I had liked the description of the magazine in a Girl Scout flier.  I thought it was a gift that could continue to give throughout the year and something they could enjoy together.  The next Christmas they both exclaimed what a wonderful magazine.  Both had already renewed.
After I had Caelyn, I began to subscribe too.  The magazine is full of ideas for trips and activities, book and multimedia recommendations, and more for the family.  Most of the ideas are applicable for upper elementary and middle school age children, but there are some for older and younger children.
Often I pass on magazines to Christy, my friend, but with Family Fun it is difficult because there are so many usable ideas, I have most of the magazine cut up.  There usually isn't much left.

If you would like to find out what I am cutting out, you can order Family Fun by writing to Family Fun, P.O. box 37032, Boone, IA 50037-0032 or calling 800-289-4849.



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